Made from Scratch

Our gelato is made completely from scratch every week in our shop. We are a gluten-free facility and serve both vegan and non-vegan option using only the best ingredients prepared by our executive chef with nearly two decades of experience.

Mango Peach Sorbet (V)

A summery and refreshing flavor, we combine nearly 10 pounds of mango with 10 pounds of peaches to create this vegan sorbet.

Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry gelato with homemade blueberry jam and butter crumbles.

Roasted Pistachio

First, we whole roast nearly 5 pounds of pistachios to bring out their flavor. Then we blend them into a pistachio butter and freeze into gelato. Finally, we add chunks of unroasted pistachios to add more texture.

Cookies and Cream

A sweet cream gelato with chunks of homemade chocolate cookies and swirls of Nutella.


Mascarpone gelato with freshly brewed coffee, cognac, and homemade coffee-soaked sponge cake.

Rice Pudding and Snickerdoodles

We make rice, milk, and cinnamon pudding similar to a horchata that we blend into the gelato base before mixing with from-scratch snickerdoodle cookies.

Chocolate Nutella Cake

Dark chocolate gelato with chocolate almond cake and swirls of Nutella.