Made from Scratch

Our gelato is made completely from scratch every week in our shop. We are a gluten-free facility and serve both vegan and non-vegan option using only the best ingredients prepared by our executive chef with nearly two decades of experience.

Blueberry Scone (New!)

We start by making our own blueberry jam and then use nearly 7 pounds of it to create a beautifully sweet & floral blueberry gelato base. Then we fresh bake our own butter crumbles and add them into the gelato with extra layers of blueberry jam. The result tastes just like a blueberry scone.

Mint & Chocolate Cookies (New!)

We use peppermint liqueur, fresh mint sugar, and peppermint extract to create a fresh and clean gelato base. Then we combine with our homemade chocolate cookies.

Vanilla & White Chocolate Fudge

We make a lightly salted caramel, combine it with melted white chocolate and ribbon this throughout a creamy vanilla gelato base.


First, we whole roast nearly 5 pounds of pistachios to bring out their flavor. Then we blend them into a pistachio butter and freeze into gelato. Finally, we add chunks of unroasted pistachios to add more texture.

Raspberry & Rosewater

The best strawberry sorbet you've ever had - made with over 15 pounds of strawberries.

Triple Chocolate

This triple chocolate gelato was inspired by one of our favorite desserts from Barcelona. It is a dark chocolate gelato base with from-scratch brownies and a salted chocolate & vanilla ganache.

Irish Coffee

We combine organic, fair-trade coffee with Irish whiskey and then add crumbles of sweet homemade shortbread.