Made from Scratch

Our gelato is made completely from scratch every week in our shop. We are a gluten-free facility and serve both vegan and non-vegan option using only the best ingredients prepared by our executive chef with nearly two decades of experience.

Strawberry (V)

We use almost 9 pounds of fresh strawberries and create this refreshing strawberry sorbet.

Vanilla & White Chocolate Fudge

We make a lightly salted caramel, combine it with melted white chocolate and ribbon this throughout a creamy vanilla gelato base.

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cones

We make our own salted caramel from scratch and then mix in pieces of chocolate-covered waffle cones throughout.

Banana & Dark Chocolate

A creamy banana base mixed in with decadent dark chocolate.

Peanut Butter & Brownie (V)

A vegan peanut butter gelato (made with a coconut milk base) with chunks of vegan brownies in every bite

Maple & Pecan

A creamy maple gelato base, mixed in with homemade pecan brittle.

Midnight Chocolate

A Brazilian dark chocolate that is put through a special Dutch process to remove excess acidity. Then we turn it into a thick and rich gelato similar to brownie batter.