Made from Scratch

Our gelato is made completely from scratch every week in our shop. We are a gluten-free facility and serve both vegan and non-vegan options using only the best ingredients prepared by our executive chef with nearly two decades of experience.

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Brown Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies

We start with a brown butter base gelato, and then fold in freshly made chocolate chip cookies.


Inspired by your favorite Italian dessert, this gelato starts with a mascarpone cheese base followed by homemade sponge cake soaked in espresso and cognac.

Strawberry Sorbet (V)

With over 20 pounds of fresh strawberries, this sorbet is refreshing and tart, reminiscent of a sweet smoothie.

Blueberry & Honey

A creamy and fruity gelato, we make our own jam using fresh blueberries and honey, folding it into a cream base.

Vanilla & White Chocolate Fudge

Starting with a vanilla bean base, and mixing in a homemade caramel, white chocolate fudge, this gelato is rich and decadent.

Roasted Pistachio

With almost 5 pounds of house-roasted pistachios, we blend them into a paste to create this salty, nutty, and textured gelato.

Nutella & Brownies

Similar to cake frosting, we start with a cream and nutella base gelato, mixing in our homemade, gluten-free brownies.